Welcome to Red River Parish

Welcome to our site. We have just begun a rebuild and would love you to come back soon to see what we have planned. Thanks for visiting.

Located on the Red River in northwest Louisiana, Coushatta is the parish seat and the heart of the Red River Parish economy.

Come see for yourself how Coushatta and Red River Parish can give you the peace of mind and tranquility of small town living with the nearby big city benefits.

Red River Parish boasts some of the most well known fishing and hunting areas on the Red River. The river dissects Red River Parish on a 33 mile stretch. There are 2 recreation areas with Public Boat Launches. Access is also available to Lock and Dam # 4 on both the east and west side of the river.

There are approximately 4,900 acres of oxbows and backwater fishing areas accessible from the river in Red River parish.

The Coushatta recreation area is in coushatta, directly under the bridge. The Red Oak Lake recreation area is approximately 7 miles on Hwy 480 south out of Coushatta.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Red River Parish

  1. Who serves on this commission? If this fishiing tourny is on the Red River, why would a weigh- in move to Grand Bayou?

  2. Red River Parish Tourism is to promote tourism in all Red River Parish. Even though the tournament is on the river they are promoting the whole Parish.

    When we finish redeveloping the site we will list Commissioners.

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