Bass Tournament results!

Here are the results of the 1st Annual Red River “5 Card Draw” Bass Tournament.  Pictures to follow soon!

1st     Reginald Berry and Billy Graves                 20.42 lbs         $4,000.00

2nd   Bo Hanley and Joe Mitchell                          20.16 lbs         $2,000,00

3rd    Zach Hester and Clancey Scarbourough    18.51 lbs         $1,000.00

4th    Jerry Coutee and Scott Waskom                   18.13 lbs        $    900.00

5th    Brett Hortman and Steve Graf                        15.71 lbs       $     800.00

6th    Jeff Gray and Joe Papa                                   15.29 lbs       $     700.00

7th    Chris Lee and Shane Williams                       14.69 lbs       $     600.00

8th    Aaron Johnson and Jerry Lutterman               13.69 lbs       $     500.00

Big Bass  Hortman and Graf   5.81 lbs  $  500.00

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