1st Annual Red River Parish
Five Card Draw Team Bass Tournament

June 9th & 10th 2012

Sponsored By
Red River Parish Tourism Commission

Limited to the first 100 Entries

Cost $175 per 2 Man Team
June 9th & 10th on Red River

All Contestants must launch at either the Coushatta or Red Oak Launch Sites
All Teams will fish Saturday to qualify for the second day of competition.
Numbers of Teams that advance to the 2nd day will be based on "1 place per 5 entries" (100 entries will advance 20 Teams to Sunday)
Saturday weigh in at Red Oak Sunday at Grand Bayou Park Facility.

3 Free $100 Drawings on Sunday for Spectators sponsored by Quality Ford

1st Place guaranteed by Red River Parish Tourism Commission

Sample Pay out Based on 100 Teams
1st $4,000 6th $900 11th $575 16th $450
2nd $2,000 7th $800 12th $550 17th $425
3rd $1,500 8th $700 13th $525 18th $400
4th $1,100 9th $650 14th $500 19th $350
5th $1,000 10th $600 15th $475 20th $300

Big Bass Pot (Saturday only)

$500 FREE

Hook’ N Up & Track ‘N Down Wild Card $300

One wild card Team will be drawn from the 80 Teams that do not make the cut.
That team gets to fish Saturday but starts with no weight

Quality Ford $500 Bonus to the HIGHEST PLACED Team Sunday pulling their boat with a truck from Quality Ford.

By completing and signing this entry each member states they have read, understand and accept all Rules, Regulations, Procedures and Payout set forth by this event.

Team # ____________Date _____________Time ______________(Official use only)

Name: _________________________

Name: _________________________



City: ___________________________

City: ___________________________

State:____________ ZIP: _________

State:____________ ZIP: _________

Date: __________________________

Date: __________________________

Signature: _____________________

Signature: _____________________


    1. It is mandatory that all participants read and understand all Rules and regulations pertaining to this Tournament. By signing this entry you are stating that you have read and accept all terms of this event. Rules apply to all contestants and any violation will warrant penalties and/or disqualification. All protest must be received by Tournament Director, in writing, no later than 10 minutes after the closing of the scales. All decisions by Director
    will be final.
    2. Persons under the age of 18 years must have the written permission of parent or guardians.
    3. All state, federal and lake regulations must be obeyed.
    4. All participants in this event are subject to a polygraph exam. Failure of or refusal to take this exam will result in disqualification from this event and possibly all other events in the future.
    5. A U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD must be worn and secured by all participants any time the big engine is in gear. NO EXCEPTIONS. All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard standards and outboards may not exceed the
    maximum H P rating of the boat. Boats must have an operating kill switch and must be attached to driver while the engine is in gear.
    6. Alcohol and/or narcotics will not be consumed or allowed in a participant's possession during tournament hours with the exception of legal prescriptions. No alcohol may be consumed by anyone who may have to take a polygraph exam. Consumption by either member prior to an exam may result in disqualification.
    7. All boats must have and use an operating live well system. Teams may not have over 5 fish in the live well at any time. You must cull on the 6th fish.
    8. Fishing must be done with artificial lures, with the exception of pork. Only one rod /reel will be used at a time with a maximum rod length of 8 ft. No trolling allowed. All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner. No fishing within 25 yards of another tournament boat that is "previously anchored with troll motor out of water.”
    9. Penalties: ‘/2 lb (.5) will be assessed for each dead fish. 1 lb. and loss of fish for each fish not measuring 12 inches. 1lb per minute, up to 15 minutes, will be assessed for late check in.
    10. Qualifying for second day of competition. 1 Team per each 5 entries will fish the 2nd day. Examples.... 50 Teams total qualify
    10 Teams for Sunday. 100 Teams qualify 20 Teams for Sunday. Only Teams fishing Sunday will receive a check. ( 98 Teams qualify 19 Teams)
    11. Launch Procedures: All Teams must launch at either the Coushatta Ramp or Red Oak Launch Site both days. Teams may leave their launch site at any time on Saturday morning but must be using proper running lights, life jackets and act in a safe manner. You may not make a cast before Official Start fishing Time.
    12. Fishing Times: First cast will be 5:45 a.m. No fishing past 3:00 p.m
    13. Weigh-In Procedures: Teams may travel to weigh in site by boat or by trailer. When you reach the weigh in site at Red Oak Landing all Teams must go to the "Bag Line" where you will be checked in and then wait to be issued an official weigh bag.
    Teams must be In the ”Bag Line” no later than 3:45 p.m.
    14. After all Teams have weighed in on Saturday, the Teams that finish in the Top 20 ( based on 100 entries) will then return to the scales with their sack of fish. They will then decide how many of their fish they wish to keep or discard, just Iike a 5 card draw poker hand. The number of fish they discard will then become the number
    of fish they can bring in on Sunday. Example.... 13th place has 5 fish, 2 fish app. 4 lbs each and 3 about 1 lb each.
    They may choose to keep the 2 larger fish and discard the 3 small ones. Their 2 fish are then weighed again and they start Sunday with 2 fish weighing 8.23 lb. They only bring their best 3 fish in on Sunday. A Team may discard any or all of the 1st day catch BUT ALLTEAMS MUST DISCARD AT LEAST 1 FISH....EVEN 1ST PLACE. Every team is in position to win on the second day.

    Because we are accepting entries at numerous locations Team numbers will be assigned according to the time your entry is received. This will be done several days prior to the Tournament.
    You may find out your Team number by going to
    www.bayououtdoor.com and looking under B.O.S.S Tournament Trail, then click on News. Completed entries and money, cash or check only, will be accepted at Bayou Outdoors in Bossier City, Quality Ford in Coushatta or by Tournament Director Mike Echols. Checks that return ”Insufficient Funds" will cause disqualification of both Team Members.

    Tournament Director Mike Echols
    318 564-6453 or mikedechols@comcast.net or fax 318 687 6538

Special Thanks to all Sponsors

    Red River Parish Tourism Commission

    Quality Ford

    Bumper to Bumper—Freda

    Fausto’s Restaurant

    John & Ruth James

    Trey Murray Muffler& Giass/

    Trey Murray State Farm

    Bayou Outdoor Supercenter

    River Town Market

    Dairy Queen

    Bolyer Automotive

    Bedgood Logging

    Len McCain

    Bearing Service & Supply

    Natchitoches Meat Pie Company

    Richard Dupree

    Mabile's Corner Pharmacy

    Stewart Shaw—Clerk of Court

    Country Market / Jim Adams

    American Bank & Trust Company

    Member FDIC

    River Town Market

    Nichols Sporting Good

    Woodland Inn

    Nolen Towing

    Hook’ N Up & Track’ N Down

Sponsored by
Red River Parish Tourism Commission